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Credits & Thanks

In this section you will find a brief list of all entities which supported the development of our Text 2.0 idea, either through direct support or through assistance during past events.

Ralf Biedert
Ralf started with the eyeBook in 2007 and continuously drove the idea towards Text 2.0 that eventually led to this project page.
Georg Buscher
Georg performed extensive research on gaze tracking and information retrieval as well as eye tracking approximation.
Andreas Dengel
As the scientific director of the DFKI and supervisor of the KM's department activities Andreas came up with many helpful ideas and insights in the development process.
Sven Schwarz
Sven's main research topic is context sensitivity and awareness, and he helped us with many clever tricks and ideas. He also supervised the development of the eyeBook and gave constructive criticism.
Stefan Zinsmeister
Stefan helped to improve the quality of many of our publications, helped us in various legal issues and was one of our earliest supporters.
Thomas Lottermann
Thomas did an internship at the DFKI and, if we may say so, worked his rear end off while implementing many of the ideas we had with Text 2.0. He also added some of his own ideas and contributed to the Java Simple Plugin Framework, the technical foundation of the Text 2.0 backbone infrastructure.
Eugen Massini
Eugen worked mainly under the hood and implemented filtering algorithms, evaluation tools and thousands of other things.
Andreas Buhl
Andreas' work was mainly the development of the eye tracking diagnosis tool. He also composed the soundtrack of the Text 2.0 video. Thank you very much.
Oxana Isaeva
Oxana joined our team recently and has been working on the Origin of Species book version presented at the book fair.
Udo Urban
Udo, member of the DFKI's PR team, is probably the person who has given the most eyeBook demos during various demo days, fairs and a plethora of other events.
Helga Riedel
Helga helped us in the creation of various press material and the design of some of our prototypes.

Additionally we would like to thank Jane Bensch, Michael Davis, Johannes Korz, Päivi Majaranta, Aulikki Hyrskykari, Tim Biedert, Christine Schupp, COGAIN, Tobii, wordle.net and the unknown girl.

Part of this work has been funded by


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